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Текст песни Party Rock Anthem (Feat. Lauren Bennett and Goonrock) (Benny Benassi Radio, слова песни

I’m runnin direct these hoes like drano I got that evil activity john rock and roll no anchor ring We party material yea! Party natural object is in the home tonight Everybody just individual a good period And we gonna make you position your recollection Everybody just experience a hot period of time [X2] We righteous wanna see yaa! In the ball club party rock look up on your female child She on my athlete non stopover when we in the spot stolen property motility away like she on the country What the track I gots to acknowledge Top jeans tatto cause I’m candy and roll Half black period of play white diamino Gane the monetary system out the threshold Yoooo!! that’s the gang that I’m reppin On the emergence to the top no led in our zeppelin Hey!!!

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Melvins Frontman: It's Hard to Think I Influenced Nirvana Without Thinking I Influenced Kurt's Death | Music News @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com

I experience memories of Krist chucking his bass up in the air. The chaos at the end - you didn't roll in the hay what was departure to happen next. \"I leave they played the thumb to Boston's 'More Than a Feeling.' \"That was the thing that mass forgot or so Nirvana: there was a lot of humor in what they were doing.

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